La Valentina
Seniors Residence Community

We invite you to discover La Valentina Seniors Residence Community, designed to create an environment of personal care and attention by our qualified staff to deliver customized care for adults who are ready for a carefree semi-independent lifestyle without the responsibilities of maintaining a house, domestic employees, and other obligations.

Our mission: Provide personal attention and care to adults in accordance with their physical, psychological, and social requirements, all in an intellectually and socially stimulating environment that satisfies and enriches their spirit, while enjoying the freedom of semi-independent living.






Ajijic, Chapala, Jalisco,México

Ajijic is a town about 3 miles from, and a part of, the municipality of Chapala, in the state of Jalisco,México. Situated on the north shore of the Lake Chapala, surrounded by mountains, Ajijic enjoys a moderate climate year round. The population is around15,000. The Chapala region, especially Ajijic, has become a destination for Americans and Canadians.